I've been eyeing a strawberry, grapefruit, apple + ginger smoothie in Martha Stewart Living's Clean Slate cookbook that's several years old now. I've got ingredients coming in my next grocery delivery, so I'll let you know how it comes out.

An Everyplate recipe that's become my go-to comfort food is what warmed me up to using ginger almost as often as garlic. It's basically just a ginger-garlic-scallion white aromatic combo in ground beef (or it works well with veg proteins) then carrot peeled into ribbons and soy sauce to finish on the stove, and sesame oil and lime juice to finish off the stove. Served over jasmine rice cooked with the same aromatics.

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Wowowow, both of these sound heav-en-ly! Before my ginger in the freezer days, I often tossed a large chunk in smoothies in an effort to use it up before it went off!

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