5 Fall Bucket List Recipes

And how to avoid that "what's for dinner" moment...

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Are you a list maker? I am. I use the trusty iPhone notes app to keep track of movies I want to watch, perfumes I hear about on TikTok that I’d one day like to smell in person, groceries we’re running low on (so, so many grocery lists), and even ideas for inclusion in this very newsletter. I always have a running list of the freezer’s contents pinned to the fridge. I keep handwritten lists for major career goals, dream brand collaborations, and YouTube content ideas. I store my daily to-do lists over on Todoist, keep track of books I’d like to read and books I’ve finished using StoryGraph, and use Google Maps to make lists of restaurants I’d like to check out. I think you get the idea: when it comes to list making, you could definitely call me avid!

A couple days ago, I opened a new note on my phone to take down a couple recipes I’m dying to make this fall, which brings me to today’s tip:

I know everyone stays organized differently, but if you can make a habit of it, when you come across a recipe that looks particularly tantalizing, save it in some centralized location. You’ll be doing yourself a big favor. Because next time you encounter that dreaded “what’s for dinner?” moment, you can just *check your list!* for inspiration.

As I mentioned, I like to use the notes app on my phone for this task, and break the recipes down into categories (today’s category is “Fall Food Bucket List”). I also bookmark a lot of recipes on the NYT cooking app. This method is a little haphazard but it works for me and that’s what’s important. I know a lot of folks save recipes using Instagram bookmarks, keep running spreadsheets on Excel or Google Sheets, or make use of online recipe repositories/clippers like Airtable. There are so many options. The main thing you have to do is start and figure out what works best for you!

Okay, now, let’s take a peek behind the curtain. Here are the recipes that have made the cut for my Fall Food Bucket List (so far):

  1. Japanese Simmered Kabocha Squash from Just One Cookbook - I’ve made this recipe a couple times before and absolutely love it. I want to be sure it makes it onto my table again this fall, so it’s on the list. It’s an easy, cozy, classic Japanese side dish that never fails to make me nostalgic for my time living in Tokyo.

  2. Spicy Peanut and Pumpkin Soup from Yewande Komolafe - I’ve had this recipe bookmarked since last winter, and think this fall is the time to finally make it! The combo of pumpkin and PB is so intriguing. If you don’t subscribe to NYT cooking this recipe may be behind a paywall for you, but if you do a quick google, I bet you can find similar! It’s soup szn y’all!

  3. Pizza Beans from Smitten Kitchen - And if it’s soup szn, it’s also bean szn and this bean recipe haunts my dreams…but in a positive way, if that makes sense? Regardless, you’ll surely catch me baking these saucy, cheesy beans (most likely multiple times) between the months of September and December.

  4. Braised Turkey Legs from Alison Roman - I riffed on this recipe for a Friendsgiving a couple years ago. Now, one of the friends in attendance tells me it was the best meal he’s ever eaten every time I see him. Whether he’s blowing smoke up my you-know-what or not, this recipe is an undeniable crowd pleaser I’ll make a point of serving at some point later in autumn.

  5. Apple Cider Doughnuts from Damn Delicious - I’ve always wanted to make ACDs from scratch, but I think it’s a pretty heavy lift. This year, if I can’t find time to do some doughnut deep frying, I may just settle for picking one up at the farmer’s market.

  6. Bonus: My One Bowl Apple Crisp - I’ve already made this recipe twice, once for this video, and once in our latest meal prep class, but I still think you should add it to your own fall foods bucket list ;)

Are any of these recipes particularly intriguing to you? I think I might need to make the pumpkin soup this week! I have some leftover pumpkin purée that needs to be put to good use. And more generally, how’s it hanging in your kitchen? As always, you can email me by replying directly to this email or shoot me a DM over on Instagram with any questions!

And while we’re talking recipe inspo, I’d be remiss not to mention that if you want more meal prep-specific tips and an expertly curated menu on Fridays, read more about the paid subscription here or upgrade your subscription here:

Okay I think we’ve covered it! Until next time…

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